Getting a high quality used car with bad credit in Calgary


You are not a bad person, just because your credit is damaged

There are many Bad Credit Car Loan options in Calgary, but not all are equal

Fear, uncertainty and shame. Just some of the emotions that go through your mind when it comes to buying a car and you know you have bad credit. Read More…

How To Re-Build Your Credit with a Car Loan


There are two reasons why you need to build credit: 1) you have no credit at all
or 2) you need to rebuild credit after filing for bankruptcy, as one example

A car loan can be a great way to build up your credit rating because it is an installment loan as opposed to a credit card which is a line of credit. The best part about a car loan is you can budget for exactly what you’re going to pay each month, or bi-weekly – depending on your terms. Read More…

No Credit Car Loans Calgary

No Credit Auto Loans Calgary

Having no credit shouldn’t stop you from owning the car, truck or minivan you need. Are you new to Calgary or the country and looking for a car with no credit history? CALGARYDRIVES has special financing programs in Calgary for just that – new to country car loan financing!

CALGARYDRIVES provides auto financing for first time car buyers who have no credit.

Buying a car for the first time can be a difficult and confusing experience; not to mention buying one in a new country! Depending on whom you deal with, your car shopping experience and getting a car loan in Calgary can be simple and satisfying.

Read More…

Credit Rebuilding Calgary


Credit rebuilding options in Calgary are – let’s use the word plentiful.

You may be wondering where to begin, and you’ll probably start with Google and a simple search.

But a “quick” search through Google for: credit rebuilding Calgary yields about 338,000 results for how to get auto financing, auto loans and credit rebuilding programs. Great – so how do you rebuild credit? Read More…