Bad Credit Auto Loans Calgary

bad credit auto loan


You would be surprised how many people get themselves into bad credit situations. The majority of people do not have perfect credit but we seem to think everyone but us is credit damaged. It is simply not true and having damaged credit is not something you need to be embarrassed about because it is easy to change. It used to be something that people looked down upon, but it has become increasingly common due to the recent changes in the economy. Traditionally, dealerships offer more favourable financing to those who have good credit. It used be very difficult to obtain an auto loan if you had bad credit, but that has changed significantly in recent years. Read More…

Tips when shopping for auto loans when you have bad credit

Sub Prime Car Loans Calgary

Most people would agree that car shopping is not a fun experience. The most noted reason being is that people do not trust dealerships. The relationship between consumer and car dealer has been strained for decades. Hence, the car buying experience is fraught with mistrust. It is even worse if you are car shopping and have bad or bruised credit. Read More…