Auto Financing With Bad Credit Calgary

Sub Prime Car Loans Calgary

Auto Financing With Bad Credit

Equip yourself with the facts about car shopping with bruised credit

Car shopping can be an anxiety ridden experience let alone car shopping with bad credit. Purchasing a vehicle with bad credit automatically puts you at a disadvantage when you walk into a dealership. Firstly you feel more uncomfortable and perhaps a little ashamed that you won’t be able to get a prime interest rate. The truth is however that more people than you realize are in the exact same situation. You don’t have to be at the mercy of the dealership just because you are not able to get prime interest for a vehicle!


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Bad Credit Car Loans. Get $500 and Rebuild Your Credit With Us.

Bad Credit Vehicle Loans

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Bad Credit Car Loans

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You would be surprised how many people get themselves into bad credit situations. The majority of people do not have perfect credit.

Fifty-four percent of used car buyers in the third quarter of 2014 had credit scores below 660.

Having damaged credit is not something you need to be embarrassed about because it is easy to change. It used to be something that people looked down upon, but it has become increasingly common due to the recent changes in the economy. Traditionally, dealerships offered more favourable financing to those who have good credit. It used be very difficult to obtain a car loan if you had bad credit, but that has changed significantly in recent years. Read More…

5 Steps to a subprime car loan


Subprime Car Loans Calgary

The Alberta economy has been tough on all of us. Many are struggling with reduced income, no income and/or fear of losing a job. A big percentage of Albertans fall into the non-prime borrowing category when it comes to credit status. All this seems a bit bleak. The truth is that there is hope even if it doesn’t feel like it. The goal is to move from being a subprime borrower to a prime borrower. This can happen quicker than you think.

If you are in need of a vehicle, whether it’s something more reliable, something more affordable or just something different and you have less than perfect credit you are not alone!

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No Credit Car Loans for New Immigrants


Starting a new life in a new country is an exciting time that brings with it a number of challenges and hurdles to overcome — one of those challenges is getting yourself financially established in your new country. This includes the serious challenge of obtaining a no credit car loan!

No Credit Car Loans for New Immigrants

In a city the size of Calgary it’s almost an necessity to own a vehicle, something that might seem out of reach for newcomers. Most Canadian lenders need you to have a minimum credit score before they can process your car loan application. This is the one area that CALGARYDRIVES can help. We are able to get you approved for a car loan even if you do not have any credit. Apply here.
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Car Financing Calgary

Are you tired of driving from car dealership to car dealership in search of an approved auto loan?

You might feel frustrated that you’re not being given a chance with car financing in Calgary. And you’re not alone. Many people have lost hope searching for a dealership that is willing to qualify someone with poor or bad credit for a car loan. CALGARYDRIVES understands that financing for a car loan in Calgary can be difficult, but having the necessary tools – and people, on your side can make getting an approved car loan in Calgary all the more possible. Read More…

How To Re-Build Your Credit with a Car Loan


There are two reasons why you need to build credit: 1) you have no credit at all
or 2) you need to rebuild credit after filing for bankruptcy, as one example

A car loan can be a great way to build up your credit rating because it is an installment loan as opposed to a credit card which is a line of credit. The best part about a car loan is you can budget for exactly what you’re going to pay each month, or bi-weekly – depending on your terms. Read More…

Credit Rebuilding Calgary


Credit rebuilding options in Calgary are – let’s use the word plentiful.

You may be wondering where to begin, and you’ll probably start with Google and a simple search.

But a “quick” search through Google for: credit rebuilding Calgary yields about 338,000 results for how to get auto financing, auto loans and credit rebuilding programs. Great – so how do you rebuild credit? Read More…