Top 7 Things to Avoid when Used Car shopping

Used Car Lot
The problem we face sometimes when shopping for a new vehicle (one that’s new to us) is that we want it now. But with so many options, how do we know we’re making the right choice if we’re only allowing for a short amount of time?

Used car dealerships in Calgary have thousands of vehicles for sale to choose from and FSBO (For Sale By Owner) vehicles are uploaded to Kijiji every minute.

With so many used cars for sale it is much easier to make a mistake when we’re in a hurry to have that next vehicle. 

Choosing your next vehicle can be as easy as picking up milk from the grocery store. Once you have a clear idea of your budget; the term you’d like, or how much you can afford to put as a down payment, you can start really thinking about a place to go to buy your next vehicle. There are many dealerships in Calgary and it is a good idea to consider what they can do for you.
Is this a place you trust with one of your biggest investments?
Can you bring your vehicle back into this dealership for post-sales Service? These are both questions to consider when buying your next vehicle in Calgary.

If you are the one shopping for a car you probably don’t want to be taken for a ride. And you’ll want to avoid these common mistakes before heading out shopping for a used car:

  1. Waiting until you’re at the dealership to think about car financing
  2. Forgetting to factor in the cost of warranty
  3. Focusing only on the monthly payment
  4. Focusing on “the deal” instead of the vehicle you need
  5. Skipping the Test-Drive
  6. Getting stuck on one make or model
  7. Underestimating the value of modern safety features

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