First-Time Car Buyer Advice


If you are someone who’s not very knowledgeable about vehicles it is a good idea to go car shopping with someone who is. Calgary has thousands of used vehicles for sale and these days it’s almost too risky to purchase privately, even with a Car History Report like CarProof. And especially if you haven’t purchased a car before you’ll want to ask a lot of questions.

Before you decide on purchasing a vehicle in Calgary for sale by owner (FSBO) or from a dealership there are some things you should consider. When buying a used vehicle in Alberta there are certain guidelines to follow. Provincial regulations require that vehicles:

  1. Registered for the first time in Alberta undergo an Out of Province Vehicle Inspection (OOP)
  2. Written-off by an insurance company be reported and undergo Salvage Vehicle Inspection from a licensed inspection technician before re-registering
  3. Designated as non-repairable can only be sold as scrap or dismantled for parts. They cannot be re-registered

The fact is, even a well-made vehicle can fail over time if it is not properly maintained. The benefits of purchasing a vehicle through a reputable dealer include: guaranteed vehicle inspections, manufacturer’s warranty for New or available aftermarket warranty for Used vehicles, easier access to car financing and Calgary auto loans, and the availability of post-sales service.

Finding a car dealership in Calgary shouldn’t be difficult. It is important to be a wise consumer when car shopping; unless a vehicle is still covered under the manufacturer’s warranty it is sold “as is”, and any flaws or defects with the vehicle after the sale are your responsibility as the buyer.

When buying your first car try not to get blinded by a specific make or model. Another obvious thing worth considering when looking for your first car is how much you can afford. Apply for a car loan in Calgary first so that you can get an idea of monthly car payments and the cost of insurance. The newer the vehicle, the more upfront cost but the less likely you’ll need to pay soon for maintenance. A new vehicle is a big deal, and if it’s your very first vehicle purchase you will want to be as informed as possible before signing on the dotted line. CALGARYDRIVES can answer your concerns. Let’s talk.

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