Getting a Car Loan with Bad Credit

Bad Credit Car Loans Calgary

You are not the only one worried about your credit. Many people trying to get a simple car loan in Calgary will face roadblocks and other challenges. CALGARYDRIVES specializes in financing people with bad credit for car loans. We understand it can be hard to catch a break with bad credit. This is because finding a bank who will loan you money is not easy if your credit rating is bad; maybe it’s your first car purchase in Canada and you have no credit.

Between you and the vehicle you need is CALGARYDRIVES.


With years of experience dealing with unique credit scenarios and individual financial situations, CALGARYDRIVES is able to secure you an auto loan in Calgary. There really are ways to finance you for a used vehicle if you have bad or even no credit history!

How To Apply For a Car Loan

This part is easy – we only require a little bit of personal information to get started on your car loan application process. Who you are, where you live and your gross monthly income is important to know before we can apply for your bad credit car financing in Calgary. We also need to know how long you’ve been at your current residence and job for. You do not need to provide us with your Social Insurance Number (SIN) to apply for a car loan in Calgary.

A great way to rebuild your bad credit is to keep up with monthly car payments. Having a car loan shows the banks that you are able to manage your money and budget on time. Once you have made 10 or 15 car payments on-time your credit score should improve immensely.

Getting Started – Apply for Used Car Financing in Calgary

Apply for a car loan online with CALGARYDRIVES easy-to-use application form. As an independent finance division of The Prestige Auto Group, CALGARYDRIVES has bad credit solutions for people trying to find auto financing for a used car or truck. Private lenders are eager to offer car loans, and CALGARYDRIVES’ access to a variety of New and Used vehicles for sale in Calgary makes it your next best stop. Learn more about CALGARYDRIVES.

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