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Bad Credit Vehicle Loans

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Bad Credit Car Loans

Cut Your Interest in Half. We will give you $500 after 12 on-time car loan payments

You would be surprised how many people get themselves into bad credit situations. The majority of people do not have perfect credit.

Fifty-four percent of used car buyers in the third quarter of 2014 had credit scores below 660.

Having damaged credit is not something you need to be embarrassed about because it is easy to change. It used to be something that people looked down upon, but it has become increasingly common due to the recent changes in the economy. Traditionally, dealerships offered more favourable financing to those who have good credit. It used be very difficult to obtain a car loan if you had bad credit, but that has changed significantly in recent years.

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People that have bad credit can and do receive car loans, but the only difference is that they will typically pay higher interest rates. This is the main consequence of having bad or bruised credit.  It is important to keep in mind that “this too shall pass” in regards to paying higher than normal interest rates on a car loan.

If you commit yourself to making 12 car payments on time we will cut your interest rate in half AND give you $500!  That is a promise.

Get $500 after 12 on-time car paymentsPrint and bring it with you.

We not only can get you a great vehicle but we will stand behind you as you rebuild your credit. Actually a car loan is the single best and quickest way to re-build your credit.

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